Friday, August 26, 2011

Greetings, Internet

I am starting this blog because I really don't have anything better to do. I finished college and received my Bachelors degree this past spring.

In this economy, my degree landed me no job offers. Within days of graduation, my lease ended and I didn't have the money for a new place.

Since then, I have been living out of my car. I have clothes, my laptop from college, fishing gear and a enough cash to buy myself ramen noodles. I have been bumming around for a little over three months now, and have gotten pretty good at being a hobo. I am not writing this blog for pity or as a cry for help. I am here to share techniques I have used to survive off of almost nothing.


  1. andrew-tough way to go in a car...could you talk about things like COOKING...FOOD STORAGE... SHOWER/TOILET...what kind of vehicle?? Have shades for windows?? Even if it does a car stands WAAY out with curtains all round for instance?? Curious about any gear you might use like solar shower/porta potty/hobo stove or kelly kettle or rocket stove or propane stove/ice chest or no cooking at vehicle??? Winter coming MUST demand a change in your plan I would think...HEAT (Mr. Buddy Propane heater seems the choice from what I've read from others)?? Maybe a posting addressing amenities and how you cope?? How do you pay for gas?? Must have some income. Obviously, lots of topics you can address. thx and best...DUST (from

  2. I have a station wagon. I basically have no equipment. I am way to tall to sleep comfortably in my car, so I normally don't even try to sleep in it. I will address your other questions in more depth in some later posts.

  3. Hi Andrew.
    I saw your posts on the Homeless Forums. I wish you luck in getting a better situation. I know it is tough. I like your attitude and ideas though.
    There are a few ideas that may help you out on my web site. Definetly one of those little camp stoves would help out.

  4. What is your website? Are you referring to Homeless Forums?

  5. Hello Andrew,

    There is another person on the Homeless Forums called Pete from Gainsville, FL who gives out his email address on his website. He gives out his General Delivery Post Office Address so people can mail him some money. I think you should do the same.

  6. John,
    Someone previously asked for a way to donate, so I set up that paypal button on the right side of my blog. The donations go directly to me. I move from town to town so often that it would be unrealistic for me to use one post office address long term.

    Thanks for the comment.

  7. What area of the country are you in? Are there any shelters in your area? There are lots in Massachusetts.