Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get your sleep

Being a hobo involves moving around a lot. It is easy to travel over 10 miles in an average day. Getting your 8-10 hours a night can be very difficult when you are homeless, but day to day life is so much easier if you aren't constantly tired. I have been going for months and I have never spent a night in an alley way like most people would assume is where homeless people sleep. Take advantage of your community.

I reside in a college area, and being a recent graduate it is easy to blend as a student. Find yourself a backpack and a book and you can hang out just about anywhere on a college campus without being bothered. Many colleges have 24 hour libraries, study rooms or lounges. These are a great place to get a good nights sleep. The college I frequent has really nice couches in some of the lounges, so I just go there in the evening and wipe out a book. As it gets late, most people leave and eventually, and since it is a quiet study area I can nod off easily. If people see you sleeping there, they assume you are just college student who fell asleep and they probably wont bother you.

Some of these study places are don't have locked doors, so you can come and go as you please. If they do have a locked door, just put on your poker face and blend as a student. If you aren't a total tool, you hang around outside and get in next time a real student opens the door. I am writing this blog right now from a study room at a local college. I will probably sleep here tonight.

I often spend weekends enjoying the night life, and then need a place to sleep during the day. To sleep in peace during the day, I always go to a beach or a park, throw on my shades and just lay down out in open so it appears that I am just tanning. There is nothing better than a nice 3 hours nap on the beach.

To further convince you of the importance of sleep, see below picture:

That's all for now. Go get some sleep, hobo's.


  1. You can literally sleep any where on a college campus and not get bothered.

  2. What is your geography?? Can you give a general location?? I agree totally about college towns...much easier to blend and be homeless there...looking forward to reading some of your experiences and any tricks learned. You'll need to develop your own job/gig/business as you are right...we've been sold out and they want us all to die!!! I know, unbelievable, but tinfoil hat needed!!!

  3. North East US, along the coast. I move around a bit. I'll keep posting as long as people keep reading.

  4. thanks for the blog! keep on writing, i am a guy from finland and interested in the hobo life

  5. My country is way to cold to be a professional hobo in.