Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taking Shelter

I have been pretty lucky so far, to have only been a hobo while its warm out. Adverse weather, however, can ruin you even in the warm months. I can generally find a building to get into, or just hide out in my car, but I can't say the same for everyone. I took a walk through the woods the other day and I came across some man made shelters. They looked to be a few weeks old, but they are still standing strong. They were mad completely out of sticks and shrubs. No rope or string was used at all, which I found impressive.

They built them two different ways.

The first way, they pinned a log at an angle between two trees. They then simply piled sticks along both sides of the log, while leaving an opening on one side. It was a good one person shelter.

The second way was a tipi style shelter. A main sturdy stick was shoved into the ground, and other sticks were built up around it. This shelter was much larger and looked like it took more time. This shelter could have fit three or four people comfortably.

I took a picture of each for you guys.

This gave me the idea to invest in a large piece of tarp. The shelters look simple enough to make, but with a little tarp on top it should protect against rain fairly well.


  1. Just checking in on you buddy. Stay safe!


  2. nice man, great idea in case we're ever stuck in the woods, lol!

  3. Great blog. I'm really into survival, and this is pure awesomeness. Really useful thing around here, Followed!

  4. Dude I really enjoy reading your blogs. If the world is starting to crumble I am finding you! You'll keep me safe lol.

    Stay safe and warm everybody :)