Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting internet

Let me start off by saying that I recognize the irony in this post. You are all obviously on the internet already, and getting online should be a priority of someone who is homeless. In my situation it is though. I am constantly apply for jobs and communicating with potential employers via email, so I really need daily access. So really all this post is going to be about are the various ways to connect and where to find internet.

If you don't have a computer, then your probably rely on public libraries. There is no shame in that, I have spent plenty of time in libraries to use the computers. Another place you should consider are malls or shopping outlets. I know they aren't meant for suing the internet, but no one has ever stopped me. I have gone into Best Buys and Apple stores, solely to use their sample computers to get online. Generally there are is high traffic in malls and sales people will try to assist you constantly, so you won't have much time with this option. If you need to check you email or send one real quick though, this is a great option.

If you do have a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, you have way more options. There are some good places with free wifi, mainly fast food joints like starbucks or mcdonalds, but there are tons of places with unprotected wifi. I tend to target places that have multiple people requiring internet, because those are the most difficult to protect. Hotels and college campuses are great places to try. Lately though, I've been using apartment complexes. I realized that apartment complexes are densely populated and each apartment normally needs their own router. This means there is a high chance that there is one that is unprotected. As I am writing this blog, I am outside a complex that has 11 available connections, and 3 of them are unprotected. I come here all the time because they have fast internet that doesn't require a password, and I don't need to sit in public and drink expensive coffee. There are tons of places you can get free wifi, so look around. It was recently brought to my attention on a forum that Home Depot is a great places to park your car and get online.

There is another option for those of you with a laptop and smart phones. It's rarely advertised because it saves you a ton of money, but you can actually tether your phone to your computer. What this means is that your computer can use your phones 3g, 4g, or whatever network as its wifi. It is fairly simple to set up, and all you need is a cord to connect your phone to your computer with via USB. Not all plans include tethering, but if you have a phone and can afford to spend a few buck to get internet wherever you have phone service, you should consider doing this. I personally am unable to tether my phone, but I know people who have done it in the past and they love it.

So there you go. I have given you all the information you need to connect to the internet and comment on this blog post.


  1. Very informative, a lot of us are older and need all the tips we can get. It has just been a few years that I even learned how to turn a computer on.
    Dragonfly from

  2. haha, im surfing blogs and first thing i read is "getting internet" haha

  3. Your blog is awesome. It's like big city survival guide. Can't wait for your new post and I hope you will finally get your job:)

  4. Mnnh we take internet fro granted at our home or work, lettign the it guys put the passwords in. but then when you need to get onlien for free, id dint think about these o.o .. to the library!

  5. Hah. That was rather interesting.
    Sweet blog to read man, especially since I'm a spoiled single kid with rather wealthy family supports..

    Though life, or how did 2pac call it again ? ;)

  6. Some great tips there Andrew! As long as Starbucks (and the like) employees don't scare you away there's lots of free internet in nearly every town. Hang in there!

  7. Hospitals another place you can get free internet, stay warm and get a cheap healthy meal.